Cousin of racism (人種差別と同じむじな)

My last 4 posts have related my personal life which I hope to stop with this post though they were all in tune with my theme of multiculturalism not working in practice.  My long time readers would know I only question the multi-nationalism pushed by the politicians for commercial financial gain.  Love between two individuals exists on an entire different level.  I have much respect for the people who have the courage to live by love because I must confess I have been rather coward in that field.  

If one of his reasons this ‘Gentleman from Sydney’ jilted me was racism, I cannot blame him because although I am not a racist, I am guilty to some degree of its cousin ‘classism’.  You may be picturing a rich brat, but my great-grandfather squandered it all that we have been on our own financially since then.  Financially I am a middle-class of Japan, but my life has been imposed of many ‘Don’t’ than ‘Can’ because I am a genuine descendent of Shizoku, or you might know better as Samurai Warriors.  Unlike depicted in TV and films Samurai spent more time on study and art so their mind would be fulfilled and content to let go of their lives when their feudal Lords required their service which highly likely to entail their death.  Thank God I was not born in the old days when a Samurai lady would be required to carry a dagger to kill herself should she ever face disgrace of violation of her virtue.  Things have much relaxed since then and most restrictions I have to live with are pretty normal as those withstood by girls from decent background of any country.  A few example are: do not speak or laugh loud in public because it is crass.  Speaking of money is so unladylike.  See? Pretty normal.  What may surprise you that marriages are still arranged among some and it is perfectly acceptable for the parents to hire a detective to check out the background of the candidates.  My relatives were content with my ex-husband for having the ancestors they could approve.  

I do not give a damn for all those things and have lived freely since the divorce…except in relationships.  I have been too scared of making another mistake when all my cousins have courageously stayed in their loveless marriage endorsed by the society.  I am in awe of their patience and feel a bit ashamed of myself for lacking it.  So you see, my classism stems from fear and want of a strong stomach.  Not arrogance as you might imagine.  However, it still served me right that I got jilted by a man from racism.  With the sense of a mild defeat I leave Australia.  A person like me should never have aspired to overcome the obstacles of multiculturalism. 

To be continued. 

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実際私も「そんなの関係ない!」と自我を出して家でするように離婚して以来, 親の用事や世話を優先しても自由に生きてきました…交際関係を除いては。 二度も失敗を繰り返すのが怖いのです。何せ従妹が皆 愛が無くても親戚や世間が認める結婚に留まり全うしている姿に感嘆すると共に辛抱が足りなかった自分を恥じ入る気持ちもあります。私に関して言えば「差別」は自惚れからではなく「他人からの評価への恐れ」と「弱さ」から生じているものなのです。それでもこんな私が「紳士」に人種差別から拒絶されたのは当然の報いなのかもしれません。小さな敗北の念と共にオーストラリアを去ります。私のような半端な者が異民族の壁を超えることを目標とする資格などなかったのでした。続く

Karma of blogging and Scottish Referendum (ブログにも言霊とスコットランド独立投票)

Some readers were shocked that ‘Gentleman’ that has featured in my latest posts would jilt me from racism.  Of course there were bigger issues like my charm not being quiet overwhelming.  I have been out of touch in the romantic field after more than a decade of abstinence.  However, growing up in a society where dating immigrants or Asians is seen as a failure must have affected this gentleman from Sydney to some extent. 

Like other bloggers, I initially hoped to attract readers and searched for a right topic.  After lackluster travel and gourmet posts, something made me write about the Australian that I had come to know in a continuous novel style.  Little did I know that I would be writing posts that would explain the sudden change of heart of this gentleman several months later.  Can it be karma of blogging?   Anyway, in the post dated 21st March, 2014 titled The legendary Pepper Meat Pie and The Price of Copy Cat I started writing about a peculiar behaviour of Australians which other Australians would not know.  (Check the archive on the right hand side bar) The Australians I knew would pretend to be English in front of me as if they were playing out their hidden fantasy.  If other Australians were present, they would go back to being Australians to trash them as Pommy so I was rather annoyed to be lied so blatantly.  My English would never be as good as that of native speakers, but that should not make me stupid. Therefore, I was glad that the gentleman would not lie to me and simply told me that his ancestors were English.  However…looking back he was immensely proud of it to the extent that he spoke of other Australians of non-English background with a mild contempt.  (It gave me some ideas as to what lies between the English and the Scotts beneath the surface) I should have realized back then that however kind the Gentleman from Sydney would behave towards me I would not fare well in the social scale in his mind. 

On the surface it seems like racism, but I don’t think it is.  Back in my years in Europe I don’t remember anyone pretending to be of other nationality.  French do not need to proclaim they are French because the world knows it.  English do not need to proclaim that they are English because the world knows it.  International comedians can tell jokes about each nationality.  But what comes to your mind about Aussies?  Sunshine, beaches and Koalas…all nice but nothing to do with people.  Perhaps this is why the Australians feel the need to identify with the Brits while Europeans can interact with anyone including Asians without jeopardizing their identity and status.  No matter who they marry the French will remain French, the Dutch will remain Dutch, the German, the same, etc.  

Scottish referendum vote is being counted right now.  I do not underestimate their fear of  uncertain financial future, but reclaiming their national identity might just prove to be priceless in term of happiness.  To be continued.

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Black Opal and racist rant video (黒のオパールと人種差別の動画)

Black Opal

I presume you have read my previous posts White Opal and Red Opal. 

I was naturally sad, but I was sorrier that this gentleman was upset because of me.  He knew of my next plan which did not involve Australia for many years, therefore he could not have feared that I might stalk him.  Besides, it was all chaste between us there was hardly anything to regret. Not knowing what infuriated him was the most frustrating part.  Then I chanced upon this video on Australian news site. 

It had been recorded on a train serving the western suburbs of Sydney where it is diversified as the well-to-do eastern suburbs is predominantly white.  One would get the impression that here non-Caucasians outnumber the Caucasians.  I would feel intimidated if this happened in my hometown, so I mildly empathized with one middle-aged Australian woman in the video who started ranting that ‘You Chinese have taken everything from us!’   

But I felt slapped by her next words.  She scoffed at this Aussie white man for ‘dating a Goon because he could not get a regular (white) girlfriend’.  I don’t know what ‘Goons’ means, but the Chinese girlfriend retaliated absolutely enraged.  The Australian middle-aged went on to imitate the poor English pronunciation of the Chinese girl, the act that disgraced herself more than the Chinese girl.  However, by now no amount of caution from the white boyfriend could reach this frustrated middle-aged Australian woman.  She jeered at the Chinese girl and said ‘She probably thinks she has gotten rich (now that she has a white man).’  Oh, dear.  The old image of impoverished Chinese immigrants of the past still haunts them.  You can see some of her ranting in the following site. 

Then it occurred to me.  Am I like that in the eyes of the Australians simply because of my Asian appearance?  The ranting woman was an average Australian woman who would be nice enough to be invited for a tea and be seen in churches.  It was safe to assume that her sentiment is shared with the rest of the Australians.  I knew now what had upset the gentleman from Sydney because I recalled one thing about him that should have prepared me for this.  To be continued.

 前のブログ白オパールと赤いオパールの続きです。 当然ながら悲しかった私ですが、それよりも「紳士」が私のせいで不愉快な思いをした事の方が辛かったです。しかもオーストラリアには当分戻らない私の次なる計画を彼は知っていたのですから私がストーカーする心配などなかった筈です。それに最後まで清かな間だったのですから後悔する程の事はないのです。それなのに何が彼を怒らせたのか見当もつかないのがもどかしかった。そんな時にある動画が豪州の新聞サイトに載りました。 


しかし彼女の次の言葉で叩きつけられました。オーストラリア人の男性に絡みながら「中国系の彼女なんか連れちゃって。まともな(白人の)恋人が出来ない負け犬は哀れだね。」この時Goonという中国人を侮辱する単語を使用したので中国人の女性は怒り心頭で言い返します。しかし豪州おばさんは中国人女性の下手くそな英語の発音を真似して嘲ります。男性が怒っても止まりません。更に「この女は玉の輿に乗ったと得意だろうよ」 あらあら、過去の中国移民の貧乏なイメージは未だについて回っているようです。この豪州おばさんの暴言の次のサイトで聞けたのですが余りにひどい内容に音が消されました。しかし東洋人の細い目を真似るしぐさであざ笑う顔写真はまだ掲載されているので人種差別の実態はこういうものだと伝わると思います。 



Red Opal (赤のオパール)

Red opal

I presume you have read my previous posts White Opal and others.  In order to protect the privacy of this gentleman, I can only reveal that he gradually started to smile a little as our conversation progressed.  I was happy more for him than for myself.  Never the one to expect more than given, I focused on taking my mother around Australia who had flown in to help me with the big move out of the country.  This was inevitably going to be her last visit to Australia, therefore we had to make the most of it.  Still I pondered about where to live on my next return to Australia.  Not to Sydney as it was no longer the place I felt comfortable with, but the existence of this gentleman was a proof that people with the same amount of integrity could exist in Australia and that was enough reason for me to give another go at this country of sunshine.  

Looking back I was seeking in this gentleman an affirmation for my decision made a long time ago when I first chose Australia as my adopted home.  To tell you the truth it had not been so peaceful ride.  The last month in particular was literally the last nail in coffin as my neighbours bared their true colour by sabotaging my smooth transition putting obstacles at every step of the way, some even tried to extract personal gain from my situation with an insinuating smile that made me shudder.  And to think they were residents of the well to do Eastern suburbs of Sydney where people are paying millions to buy into.  I felt like my life had been wasted here now that I had to leave.  I really needed this gentleman to be near perfect on many levels. 

Time wait for no one and my last day in Sydney came.  I thanked him for being there when I had needed moral support and then I was lost for words.  The next moment I was grabbed and found myself wrapped with crisp smell of dry grass, or so it seemed.  Both stunned and mesmerized, it was my longest and shortest 120 seconds.  But alas…the gentleman soon regretted it and told me so in no ambiguous manner.  Regret, I can vaguely understood, but he was furious with himself.  Where did that come from? The fate was kind enough to provide me with the answer in a form of YouTube video that made a headline in Australia only two days later.  If it had not been for this, I would have kept my private matters to myself instead of writing it out on blog.  To be continued. 

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時間は容赦なく過ぎシドニー最後の日は来ました。私は心の支えが必要な時に適格なアドバイスをして下さった「紳士」にお礼を述べたら言葉が続かなくなりました。次の瞬間、引き寄せられた私は芳しい枯草の香りに包まれたのです。吃驚しつつも長くて短い120秒でした。しかし…「紳士」はすぐに怒りを露わにしました。後悔なら理解もできたかもしれませんが、怒りとは何だったのだろう?  運命は2日後にYouTubeの動画を通じて答えてくれました。そのビデオは豪州の新聞サイトでも取り上げられたほどの強烈な内容であったのです。この事がなければ私的な事をブログでさらす事は控えていたでしょう。続く。 


White Opal (白いオパール)

White OPAL

Years and years ago I was most relieved that I got to marry a decent man approved by my relatives and society.  It was what had been expected of my social position and I counted on my inner strength to live up to it.  However, my father had been stationed in Europe for many years and as a child I went with him.  This experience had influenced me more than I ever realized.  Unable to live a person that was not me, I left the marriage much to the dismay of my relatives.  Stigma of divorced has softened these days, but back then it was either I remarried or branded disgrace in Japan.  Having no stomach to face either I decided to flee.  I travelled around a bit but eventually settled down in Sydney-the land of sunshine and smiles. 

Whether it was due to my divorce or just my nature, I preferred my company.  Sydney offers a plenty of pubs where people go in hope to meet people.  A Tassie girl from Hobart met the future King of Denmark in a pub too.  However, I refused to go to pubs after I learnt how the Aussie men conceived of Japanese women.  Girls of the generation after me were liberated from the old conception that girls must remain untouched until the wedding night.  That’s good for them.  However, they were still obliging Japanese women inside despite their modern appearance.  Combined these two elements it may have sent out a wrong message that Japanese girls were ‘very willing.’  At least one Aussie dude whom I met at work blatantly took it for granted that I would yield despite my reserved conservative stance.   Needless to say I cut him dead.  While there have been several overtures since then, I have been comfortable with my abstemious life. 

Therefore, I did not react to this gentlemen for many years though the shadow across his eyes slightly piqued my interest.  I had been in Australia long enough to know that there were more to Australians’ smiles than meet the eyes, but that  resigned loneliness he carried about him was in a stark contrast to the lightness drenched with sunshine.  I was puzzled because he was leading a successful life in every way.  For a split second I wished I knew how to make him smile.  However, I respected him too much to meddle and my mind slipped back into my solitary life.  

But when I decided to uproot myself from Sydney, I thought of him.  As my neighbours and a few acquaintance were rapidly turning into figures of the past, this gentleman I faintly wished to see before I left.  I contacted him not expecting to hear back, but he remembered me.  I was suddenly thrilled to see him again.  Maybe I was human after all.  To be continued. 

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Australians have chosen part 2 (オーストラリア人の選択に含まれぬ日本人-第2回)

dingoSocial media has for better or worse managed to bring out our true thoughts…and true colour.  While it is hurtful to receive abuses, it saves us wasting our precious time on relationships that never meant to have future.  I had to unfriend one Australian man who kept posting slandering articles about Asians to his FB friends.  Seeing that he was a war veteran, it was understandable that his Japs bashing would be intense, and this I could accept with humility.   What baffled me was the ferocity of Asian bashing tweets by young Australians.  To think some of them were praising Japanese food with a smile while tweeting  ‘Jap’s  privately.    But then I should have known that in the face of clear rise of the Chinese power, nowhere more visible than in Australia, attacking Chinese may be seen as jealousy while there is no such risk with Japs whose financial peak has passed.  In hindsight I first knew of this that Australians had chosen China when Japanese images were omitted from their global promotional video of Sydney Olympic 2000.  Invitation to Sydney Olympic was not extended to Japan.  Australia’s new best friend was China now.   However, I stayed on to serve as a volunteer hoping against hope. 

Recently the only time Japan is remembered is when the might of China needs to be pegged down a notch.  While the proud China will never buckle, appearing to approve of Japan can still annoy China, but not for long I imagine.  But in the meantime I am sort of glad that Japan can be of some use to Australians because Australia is one of the  few matured countries who did not blow our past misjudgments out of proportion.  Australian government has even had the integrity to mention our past good deeds as well.  Not only this rendered Australians noble, it made me want to do more for the Australians.  

It is such a sad irony that only in Australia exists the one group of people who may understand the fishermen in Japan who annually kill dolphins to stop them from eating other fishes.  It is not like they enjoy it like hunting but they are only doing it to protect their livelihood.  I am sad for the dolphins and the traumatic effect that will stay with the fishermen.  They should not have to do such a thing.  Who could understand their dilemma more than the Australian sheep farmers who have had to kill dingoes, the native animals that had existed long before the Australians brought sheep into this island continent, to its near extinction?  They look cute like Shiba dog, but are ferocious and prayed on the sheep.  Threatened of their livelihood the farmers resorted to shooting dingoes.  I cringe at the thought of the pain inflicted on those dingoes and dolphins, but I cannot judge the farmers and fishermen for trying to keep providing for their families. 

As I started to pack to move out of Sydney I earnestly hoped that Australian neighbours were just feeling down and insecure for the time being.   I was still hoping to return.  Then a totally unexpected thing happened that nudged me to leave Australia,  perhaps for good.   To be continued.

Social media は良くも悪くも人の本音と性根を引き出しました。暴言書かれるのは辛いものですが実り少ない関係から早期に手をひけるのは有難いことかもしれません。最近一人のオーストラリア人の男性をファイスブックの友人から削除しましたが余りに頻繁に日本人を中傷する記事や文をFB仲間に送り付けてきたからです。かつて日本が戦争をしかけた豪州の元軍人でしたから分からないではありませんが、若きオーストラリア人までが笑顔で日本食を称賛する裏で「ジャップ」と日本人を中傷するツイートなどを書き込んでいたのには驚きました。思えば何処よりも中国の躍進の恩恵にあずかりつつ押されてもいる豪州人が中国を中傷すれば嫉妬に見られるかもしれませんが日本人相手なら安心してバカにできます。経済のピークは過ぎたと見放された国の悲哀を何となく感じたのはシドニーオリンピックが決定した時に世界に発信された豪州のプロモーションビデオに日本の映像がなく中国のそれがアジア代表として映されていたときです。日本はオリンピックへの招待されず中国を将来のアジアのパートナーとする豪州は決めたとにわかに信じがたく私はボランティアとして豪州に残ったのです。


それに皮肉にも豪州にだけイルカ撲殺で批判されている漁師さんの苦悩を理解できる筈の団体がいるのです。デインゴという古代からオーストラリア大陸にすむ柴犬そっくりの赤オオカミが昔は全土を住処としていましたが羊を持ち込んだオーストラリア人の農家を襲うようになりました。この可愛いくて美しいい赤オオカミ・デインゴは絶滅寸前まで撃ち殺されましたが羊農家の生活を守るためでした。それはイルカに魚を食べられて漁ができなくなる日本の漁師さんたちの悩みと同じに思えます。 殺生まで追い詰められた悲しいジレンマを羊農家の人なら分かってもらえたかもしれません。



Australians have chosen-part 1(オーストラリア人の選択に含まれぬ日本人-第一回)


When I started this blog I had a vague idea that I might be moving out of Sydney, but I had not yet given up on my future in Australia.  After all I have invested a big part of my life trying to win their trust despite the racial difference.  However, over the course of my blogging journey I realized that the decision had already been made for me.  

Among the champions of anti-whaling are Australians, but not those to whom I had plucked up the courage to speak the truth about it, or at the very best the facts that had been revealed to me.  Contrary to general belief, whale meats are not considered delicacies in Japan.  It is poor men’s beef.  Apart from a very tiny part which may fetch a decent price, the rest of the whale is pungent, tough and inexpensive.  I know this because our family once fell on hard times and I had to be relocated to a public school where subsidized lunch was provided so that the students would not be undernourished.  To some children the school lunch is still the only source of their protein intake and this is where whale meats are regularly served.  There have been reports that some parents could not even pay up the cheap subsidized lunch fees to the school as an undeniable proof that poverty exists everywhere.  I remember choking on my first bite of the gamey meat but I was not alone.  One former Prime Minister made a slip of the tongue and revealed that he did not care for whale meat, much to dismay of his political party that needed to keep up the appearance of being on people’s side.  But this was a man who could afford the top class Wagu beef.  

A few year later my father’s fortune improved and I was back in a private school and back to the main stream that no longer knew how to prepare whale meat properly.  I cringe every time I hear the news of scientific research conducted on poor whales, but a section of people who were born into the whaling industry will find it difficult make a shift to other type of work due to structural nature of conservative Japanese society.  It might be possible, but the outcome would not be in their favour.  Therefore, the whalers will fight tooth and nail so they can keep providing for their children.  That is natural as parents and how can I condemn them knowing that whale meat has saved a poor section of Japan including my former class mates?  I cannot be indifferent towards the people who are worse off than me just because I got out of it for now.  It is sad but money talks in the real world.  The Norwegians, another whale consumers, that I have met reckoned that they are left alone because of their oil reserve which is coveted by European nations.  Is it true?  What do I know except that Japan is a vulnerable country with very little natural resources? 

Therefore it was a big relief to find that every Australians who listened to my dilemma reacted sympathetically.  They could also tell that I was an animal lover judging from the way cats and dogs warmed up to me.  I was hopeful of building a positive relationship with Australians.  However, anonymous postings on social media told quite a different story that entailed repetition of JAPs.  To be continued.

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Again, about my writing fairy!


This author has discovered me even though she had never read a graphic novel.  She has included my book in her recent post.  thank you.  Her romances are pretty lively too.  この作家が私の本を気に入ってブログで取り上げてくれました。嬉しかったので話の途中ですがREBLOGしてしまいました。

Originally posted on Melinda De Ross:

This week I’ve been tagged to be part of a blog hop by my lovely UK friend, June Starrs. moving

She is an author of Erotic Romance, and you can find her first book, Moving Up, on Amazon at

The point of this blog hop is to talk a bit about my work, and answer four questions. I’ve done this before, so here’s the story of my writing process, updated.

1. What am I working on?

A: I have just finished writing my current novel, a Romantic Comedy called Unabridged, which will be released on August 17th. Unabridged is a sexy, sassy love story, sprinkled with anecdotes and acid articles, which I hope will delight my readers as much as I enjoyed writing them. This is the blurb of Unabridged: Unabridged FC

Ironically, it all starts with a popular book about BDSM. When Angelina Jameson steps…

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Nagging presentiment(胸騒ぎ)

Imperial chinaI was taking a public bus for the city center one afternoon.  I saw an Australian man waiting at a bus stop but not signaling for the bus to stop.  He was too busy reading a book.  Naturally the driver drove past.  The Australian man finally looked up and started running after the bus banging on the door.  The driver reluctantly opened it but his kindness was met with an outburst of the Australian passenger.  ‘It was rude of you to have driven past me!’  ‘But you did not signal!’  ‘Yes, I did!’  

Now I can understand how embarrassingly annoying it must be for the local to be corrected by an immigrant, but would this Australian passenger still have lied had the driver been a white man like himself?  Upon seeing that he could not get out an apology (what a nerve) from the coloured driver, the young man started taking down the driver’s name while threatening.  ‘I am going to report this to your boss!  He would believe me over you!’  Then he got off without paying the bus fare.  The poor driver sighed in despair.  Not unusual occurrence in Sydney scene.  All I could do was smile with sympathy at the driver when I got off, because we were both in minority in number.  Several years ago when Australian society was financially egalitarian, there may have been one or two Australians willing to stand up for the ethnic driver, but these days…I have been made to feel vulnerable.  The last straw was when an Australian old man tried to shoo away my aged mother with a stick so he could sit in a bus.  She was shivering with fear.  I could not help thinking about the fear more sinister felt by a group of Chinese people on 4 July 1857.  

White miners were joined by Chinese miners in the Buckland area of Australia during the Gold Rush period.  The white miners accused the Chinese diggers of ‘stealing’ their gold and taking their land and suddenly Lambing Flat massacre happened.  The Chinese miners were killed while their lodgings were burnt down.  However, 157 years later, the  presence of Chinese people is strongly felt in Australia.  When I recently took a train to the western suburbs of Sydney, it was hard to spot white Australians among the vast number of Chinese and other immigrants.  Whatever move the Chinese government makes will affect Australian economy, or so it seems.  It is as if the souls of those Chinese murdered during Buckland riot have come back for revenge.  But then…so could have the souls of those white attackers.  The latter would not make distinction between Chinese and my people, I am afraid.





Part 2 of Multiculturalism was Tower of Babylon (第二回外国人労働受入制度はバビルの塔)

Etruscan woman

Perhaps Multiculturism would have worked had it been limited to immigration on the ground of mutual affection among individuals.  People would be much eager to respect the rules and the culture of their loved ones while it is easy to grow unappreciative of a government.  The biggest monster, the sense of entitlement needs no encouragement to sprout and it cannot be contained unless the person confronts himself and life on a deeper level.  It is time consuming process that everyone has to go through, not just immigrants, but in the meantime the damage will be done.  The Samaritan locals will be disgusted and questioning the benefits of accepting immigrants and perhaps here lies the root of the problem: benefits.

It varies from nation to nation, but the general pretext for opening the door to immigrants is sugar-coated with humanitarian empathy underlined with the anticipated benefits that fresh labour will bring to the country’s economy.  On paper it should speed up the progress and prosperity of the host nation.  Did the Etruscans who had been industrious seek to free themselves of manual labour when they decided to share their advanced techniques with the Romans?  I would not know but the tragic result speaks it all.  

‘Do you have money?’  As I was reflecting over the fate of the Etruscans, a senior man sat across me and asked softly.  I would not have believed my ears had I not been approached hours earlier by an old lady asking for money while I waited for the bus.  It was one thing to be racial abused at, but it broke my heart to see the benign looking Australians reduced to begging to an Asian in their own country.  This was in Bondi Junction, not a slum, but the center of the eastern suburbs, the most sought after area of Sydney where a two bed room apartment can be as expensive as 2 million Australian dollars…the recent sale went again to the young Chinese couple according to the newspaper.    Sydney has become a magnet to the hopeful from all over the world and the new buildings, swiftly upgraded infrastructure is a testimony of the sudden prosperity, but…I see another young woman sitting on the street crying and begging for help.  Her clothes do not look tattered, so she must be a new homeless.

The French government has recently unveiled their new immigration policy that is called Talent Visa granted to artists and others with talent.  We all know that artistic crafts hardly generate profits and the talents are hard to come by.  The new French policy cannot be deemed to be based on greed for a quick financial prosperity of the host nation.  What do I know but the French people may have wisely suspected that the systems that was founded on  ‘greed’ may attract ‘greed related problems’ instead of love which they are known to hold sacred.  This could be one immigration policy that cannot do any harm.  To be continued.






Multiculturalism was Tower of Babylon after all (外国人労働受入制度は所詮バビルの塔)


‘The number you called is not connected…’  As I listen to the message I cursed myself for dealing again with a phone service company that turned out to be another scam operated by immigrants.  They must have conned many Australians before they left for their homeland where the Australian authority cannot touch them.  As an immigrant myself I have always wished to give other immigrants a chance, but I must concede after looking back many years that most of them failed to deliver and I have frequently ended up searching for bigger names managed by Australians to rectify the situation.  Nowadays I just hang up if the person spoke English with heavy accent.  You have to because they can speak non-stop and do not give a toss about wasting your time.  However, should a white Australian even hint of their grievance, the immigrants would hit them with racial discrimination lawsuits.  Not only do the Aussies have to shut up in their own homeland, they may even have to pay fines.  It is only human for them to bottle resentment inside.

When I migrated to Australia I vowed not to complain about racial discrimination because I was self-inviting myself into a society where I would be minority.  Rejection was to be expected.  If a person still chose to come here, he or she should start with respecting the culture that had existed before his/her arrival but not many immigrants share my attitude.  Or some of them did initially but got discouraged when they got preyed on by some cowardly Australians who could not quite make it in the white community.  The most common complaints I hear among the diligent immigrants is that their Australian colleagues will steal the credit of their achievement.  Those Australians would claim that they had taught and instructed the immigrants well so the credit should be theirs (Australians.)  When a mistake was made, of course it would be on the immigrants.  You can’t really blame the immigrants for turning bitter and even revengeful.  The awards been  handed out to the people without merit because  she or he is an Australian; but also because she or he is an immigrant for overcompensating political correctness.   Either way it is demoralizing to the both sides.  What is the point of giving one’s best when the society does not reward merit?

So the multiculturalism that was ideally supposed to serve the kind helpful Australians and immigrants ready to contribute to the new land get punished instead of rewarded.  They were the responsible ones who would have seen through matters that enabled the society to function efficiently based on trust that the other party would hold up their end of the bargain.  Australia could have achieved the best it could have been if the responsible ones on the both sides had not been discouraged.  However, no system can ever combat frailty in human nature.  Multiculturalism was another tower of Babylon.  To be continued.


私は豪州に移住した時決意していたことは絶対に人種差別を理由に抗議しないという事でした。自分からわざわざ白人の国で少数派になるとわかっていて移り住んだのです。拒絶反応があって当然。それでも移住を決めたのなら自分より先に存在した文化を尊重することから始めるべきでしょう。しかし厚かましい移民が多いのが現状ですが、彼らだって最初は私と同じ考えだったかもしれません。でも長年一部の豪州人に踏みつけられて心が凍ってしまったのかもしれません。白人社会で勝てなかった負け犬は有色民族に寄生することで自分をささえるのです。もっとも耳にする被害は白人の同僚や上役に仕事の成果を盗まれるというものです。最後には移民に指示を与え教育したのは自分なのだから当然賞金や昇進は豪州人のものだというのです。反対に失敗したら移民に責任おしつけられますから有色人種が苦々しく時には復讐心する抱えても不思議ではありません。賞金が実力もないのに白人豪州人というだけで与えられるケース, また逆に有色人種だから与えられるという体裁を意識したケースを両方みますが、いずれもゲンナリします。双方に悪影響です。実力が公平に評価されない制度の元ではやる気をなくします。




The other side of the society (育ちが違っても)

flower darwinI do not presume to know how the Australian rich live, but some of them keep mansions in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.  I chose to live in a small apartment there because it is the safest area predominantly occupied by white Australians.  The cream of the rich are said to be living in Darling Point and Vaucluse.  They keep to themselves and only people the outsiders get to see are their domestic help.  They would be either South Asians or South Americans.  This would naturally affect their concept of Asians and immigrants.  Children growing up in this environment might have problems when they see immigrants’ children at private schools strictly for the privileged.  The attitude is reflected by the popular Australian TV drama featuring a rich girl at private school with mega sense of entitlement.  Her famous line is ‘Asians are losers’ and the Chinese students are bullied and portrayed as an ugly geek without class.  Some criticized the show but the fact that its series 2 was produced reveals the true sentiment among the white Australians.  Whichever side of the society they are on, the rich and the poor both seem to struggle with the idea of immigrants with money and success.  In case of Chinese immigrants, they are often richer than the well-to-do Australians.   

Again I do not presume to know how the Australians feel, but one thing I can relate.  I too find it appalling the disrespect for the public space shown by some immigrants.  I have witnessed them toss trashes on the street, jump the queues and cheat the systems for financial gains.  Even those newly cashed up lots cannot shed off their former vulgar behaviour of taking more food than they can eat from the buffet.  If it is this demoralizing to me, an immigrant albeit respectful one, it must be even more depressing for the Australians to see their neighborhood being trashed and their space invaded.  I was lucky enough to have occasional respite during my holidays in my homeland, famous for being one of the cleanest, the most orderly and efficient place on earth.  No one there jumps the queues, thanks Christ, and people keep their voice down in the public with the possible exception of street merchants and fisherman’s wives.  

But poor Australians are stuck in the environment where breathing seems to get harder everyday gradually.  Pent up frustration needs an outlet.  To be continued.

豪州にも裕福層はいてシドニーの東部に大方住んでいます。白人優勢な代わりに安全性が高い場所なのでささやかな住居を構えていました。セレブはDarling Point 又は Vaucluseに集まっていますが高い塀に囲まれ外部の人間との接触は使用人ばかり。お手伝いは東アジア人や南アメリカ系の移民なので山の手の人のアジア人や移民に対する印象は容易に想像できます。子供達が一流私立の学校で移民の子を見かければ例えどれだけ裕福な実家でも白人からみれば何か違うと感じて当然でしょう。それが鮮明に反映されているのが最近人気の豪州ドラマで主人公は有名私立校に通う超過保護に育った女子学生です。彼女の決め文句が「東洋人は皆負け犬なのよ」でドラマの中の中華系の生徒はダサク柄悪く、まぬけに描かれ当然のごとくあざ笑う虐めに毎回あっていても白人学生におべっかするアジア女学生の様子に同じ東洋人として悲しく思いました。反捕鯨オーストラリア人は表だっては公平に番組を批判しつつも視聴率で支持し続編が2つ既に撮影されたのが彼らの本音です。白人を超えたアジア人などオーストラリア人として育ちにかかわらず裕福も貧乏も等しく受け入れ難いのか、複雑な心境のようです。 

しかし私もオーストラリア人に共鳴できる事があります。一部の移民による公の場に対する非礼は私もゲンナリします。平然とゴミを路上に捨てたり、列を飛ばして人を押しのける移民。お金の為に福祉や公のシステムを誤魔化したくせに逆キレする彼らの姿を何度も見てきました。同じ移民の私がこれほど嫌気がさすのなら豪州人はどれだけ不快でありましょう。自分の育った町が移民の手で汚され自分の領域が侵されていくのを見るのはどれだけ辛いことでしょう。 私は幸い里帰りで世界一清潔で時間通りに動く社会に触れて息抜きが可能でした。滅多な事で列の割り込みのない素晴らしい国民は公の場で大声を慎みます。 



I have accepted discrimination because…民族の違いの壁が高いと私が認めるまで

white supermacy

While the steep price hike in Australia coincides with the broadening of Chinese presence in Australia, the cost of living had started climbing a few years before the arrival of rich Chinese.  I do not presume to know the reason, but I noticed that the resource boom initiated by the avid Chinese buyers had kicked off Australian economy.  The young Australians were quick to acquire the taste of finer things in life.  No more overcooked steak with soggy vegetables, but the 5 course dinner of fine European fare.  Cheap local clothes shops were replaced by designer’s clothes from overseas.  Unlike other part of the world, the Australians of the current generation have not known recession for 20 years.  Their industrious parents gave the very best to their children.   

Things started to feel different several years ago which I could not put a finger on in it until I saw this article titled ‘culture of expectation growing in Australia’  The Australians’ respectable ‘Can-do attitude’ is no more.  The number of people dependent on dole or welfare had been steadily increasing before the rich Chinese immigrants landed.   Also not every Australians were in the resource sector.  Most people’s income has not increased as much as the cost of living has.

However, it is human’s nature to blame others.  The poor and the struggling middle-classed Australians may have first blamed the Indians for stealing their jobs.  A few years ago, a number of Indian exchange students were murdered from pure racial hatred.  Now the Asians are the new target, but I can’t blame the Australians for feeling threatened because even I can see that all the homeless people are Australians while those holding jobs are mostly Chinese workers.  Australians are losing their business to the Chinese but the Chinese had no other options as they used to be discriminated against in the Australian predominantly white work environment.  The Chinese worked hard to secure their place because they want the best for their children just like the Australians want to preserve their white supremacy privileges for their children.   However ugly the outcome, they were both motivated by love, not hatred.  The young are not born racist, but they become so after listening to their doting parents. 

When I was faced with the reality of discrimination being born out of love, I realized there will always be discrimination and one can either accept it or leave the toxic environment if it gets too much.  My decision time was fast approaching.  To be continued.








Great China has landed! (中華系の豪州旋風)

China RepublicThe unprecedented housing boom boiling in Australia was initiated by the wealthy mainland Chinese who would pay millions even billions to buy up Sydney properties.  They are only allowed to buy new buildings, but their bidding power has pushed up the price beyond the reach of most Australians.  It did not end there.  The hike in the price of new buildings has also pushed up the old properties and the price has not doubled but increased by four folds since 25 years ago.  The rent has gone astronomical that young people are forced to borrow money from their parents to buy a mediocre house while locking themselves till their 80’s to pay off the loan.  This is however is an old news as Japanese media has caught on and ran an article about it with a  serious warning.   But even the journalist of the article seems not aware of its dire effects on the people of Australia.

The cost of living has jumped up accordingly but the pension of retired people remain the same.  They used to eat out at nice restaurants but lately I see them at cheap ethnic restaurants bringing with them their own cheap wine to give a modest meal some desperate flair.  Young homeless who can’t even afford that…well I saw one of them striking the window of a Thai eatery with a stick while young Chinese girls and boys step out of their new expensive mansion to attend a private prestigious school looking utterly relaxed and sure of themselves.  

A humongous restaurant called Republic of China has opened near China Town in Sydney. I had to pay $11 for a bottle of water and I here upload the meals for which I paid over $40, drinks NOT included. Tofu soup
                                                                                                                                                 Tofu soup

Peking meat balls                                                                                                                               Peking fried meatballs

Peking noodle

                                                                                                                                        Peking Dried noodle

Now,let’s compare with the lunch I paid the same amount in Chinatown Yokohama Japan in the same month.  Cold plum drink included.

yokohama drink

seafood salad


Sea food salad of the season

steam goodies

                                                                                                         Steamed chicken and perfumed rice dumpling


Vegetable soup made with medical herbs

prawn dish

Prawn dish

fried pork plum perfumed

Pork fed with plums, marinated and fried crisp


Strawberry and coconut pudding and Herbal Jelly

chinese beauty tea

Beauty Chinese tea included in the lunch course

Taste wise they are both great as they are both cooked by Chinese, but cost performance is infinitely better in Japan because you get 6 dishes instead of 3 in Sydney.  Or rather Sydney has become a city that is no longer kind to the weak and the old. Even the local Australians think Australia that was paradise of 20 years ago is gone and Chinese are blamed for it.   But really?  I have observed other things.  To be continued.

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Part 3 of Discrimination around me(身近の差別第三)

Over the long years I have caught buses many a times I was stopped by the driver to check if I had paid for the ticket.  The driver would hear a beep signaling that someone had inserted an outdated ticket.  Each time it was the Australian passenger who got on right before me, but the driver would always suspect me, the Asian.  None of them apologized when I showed them a valid ticket.  It was a different story when the driver was an ethnic.  The Australian passengers would pretend to have inserted their ticket or simply walk pass by the ethnic driver with disdain taking for granted that the coloured lots would not argue with the Australians passengers. 

This mild degree of racism was tolerable until recently when the Australian passengers would openly slander the immigrants within the hearing distance of the driver and other immigrants.  This behavior is observed mainly among the senior Australians.  The young would occasionally have a go at French but their main target is also ethnic immigrants.  Whatever has happened to the happy Aussies that I used to know? 

I looked around and realize with horror at the increase of homeless people, young and old.  Then one middle-aged woman dragging an old dingy suitcase suddenly growls at me.  ‘Go back to China!  The government should clean out the trash!’  I am not a Chinese, but look similar enough in her eyes.  In hindsight, she had been evicted from her place.  The biggest property boom in 50 years had swept through Australia with Sydney climbing up the ladder as being the 5th most expensive city to live in the world when 20 years ago it was one of the cheaper cities.

Now, please allow me to slip in PR for my graphic novels which have finally received good reviews.  Please, read sample pages by clicking any of the book covers on the right side bar.   The newest book is on the top.  However, if it is a free digital amulet of Orient you are after, why not click the following page?

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改めて見渡すといつの間にか増えていた浮浪者、老いも若きもホームレスです。一人のみすぼらしい鞄を引きずった中年婆が私に怒鳴りました。「中国へ帰れ!ごみ!」私が中国人に見えるのです。今思えば 中年婆は家を追い出されてのでしょう、家主に。オーストラリア特にシドニーは50年に一度の不動産バブルが到来していました。物価も跳ね上がり20年前は安くて暮らしやすい国だったのが今や東京を抜いて5番目に高い都市になっていたのです。今や世界で3番目という声も上がるシドニーで働いている人たちは殆ど中国系です。と、いうことは経営陣に中国系が浸透しているのです。今や中華と昔から中華系におもねる某反日民族だけが住む町も増えてきて誰の国がわからない状況です。テレビの政治家が白人であることから辛うじてオーストラリアだと認識します。日本も移民を受け入れる方針を固めているようですが、理想論と現実は別物です。



Part 2 of Discrimination around me (私の身の回りの差別第二回)「

In my last post I mentioned of the neighbors who played a dirty trick on me.  I cannot go into the details of the scam as the leading conman was a lawyer, expelled from the Law Society but still a lawyer.  Let’s just say my dream to live in a modest comfortable apartment was dashed by those Australians who were old enough to be my father and mother.  My finance suffered a big dent that I had to stay on and work harder to earn it back.  Running back to my parents and make them sad was never an option, so I soldiered on in Sydney despite the horrendous experience.  Years later, I got it out of my system by incorporating the experience in my graphic novels, The Third Red Apple.  That blasted lawyer is casted as Mr. Sincere in my story. 

While I was stuck in Sydney I tried to make the most of it by looking for positive.  I realized what I should have known at the beginning: local Australians do not owe immigrants life.  The life is full of hardships for everyone, Australians not excluded.  They are struggling too, financially or socially.  Why should they stop their life to cater for self-invited new comers?  And if they see an easy prey in the immigrants, it would be awfully tempting to take an advantage of the ignorance of the rookies.  While they are not respected for succumbing to the temptation, it still makes them human. 

The common advice is to forget and forgive.  I don’t think so.  It will be foolish to forget the betrayal of trust unless you want to go through it again.  Forgiveness seems noble but actually it is a sheer state of arrogance.  You forgive when you believe you are completely innocent.  With the exception of children, no victims are utterly blameless.  Lack of research, sense of entitlement, and the desire to gain more than one should, these things prompt people to walk into a trap set by predators.  I chose to confront myself and understanding that ensued  liberated me from grudge. 






Part 1 of Discrimination around me (私の身の回りの差別第一回)

To be fair, some Australians have tried to befriend immigrants.  They are the reasons that kept my hope alive.  However, some immigrants are surprisingly full of sense of entitlement and demand more privileges.  Immigrants blame the Australians for not respecting their culture while the Australians feel theirs that has been passed down from the British ignored.  

But after living in a multi-national society for years I might say that it is not about culture at all.  You can enjoy a culture, but you can still detest the people who created it.  There have been millions of culture exchange events and friendly games that sent people to euphoria but on the following day hate and disdain returned to rule the reality.  Some even stole other people’s culture and would pass it on as theirs.   

Darwin AirportFirst thing you notice after you step out of your plane will be distinct aboriginal arts pretty much everywhere.  You would think as Australians had embraced the aboriginals’ culture, they were friends.  Not according to the Aboriginal people and that should have been the cue for me to go instead of staying on in Sydney when Asian pop culture became popular.  Modern Chinese and Japanese restaurants opened up every week.  

I was an immigrant who tried to respect Australians and their ways.  Even when I was verbally abused by an Australian racist stranger, I gave up my seat on the bus for him having noticed that he needed a stick to support himself.  Partially out of empathy, but I also had my standard to maintain.  He did not thank me, but took the seat.   Short while later he was mumbling ‘The government will clean up this place.  Go back to where you came from.’  Everyone was indifferent except this one teenager girl who smiled at me apologetically.  To me that was enough reward for the seat I gave up.  Small as it was, the accumulation of my efforts was supposed to make some difference.  Little did I know my Australian neighbours would gang up to swindle money out of me.   To be continued to Part 2.


だけど長年の結論として文化などぶっちゃけ関係ないのです。いいなと思う文化でも造った民族は嫌いというのはあり得ます。文化交流とか親善試合とか何千回と催され一時は世界は友達!と舞い上がっても翌日には嫌悪と軽蔑が人々を現実に引き戻してきました。中には他の民族の文化をぱくり自分達の文化として通そうとする民族もいます。 海外だから寿司を日本人以外が握ってもばれませんが、問題を起こした時だけ日本人の責任にするのは困ったもんです。




Yellow pulp avocado and the price of copy-catting part 6 (黄色の果肉のアボカドと猿真似の代償第6)

green avocadoThe avocados you may know are black-skinned and green flesh.  However, in Australia there is green-skinned kind with yellow pulp inside.  You would not guess it from the outside.  Australians are not as predictable either as the world may think they are.yellow pulp

In my last post I mentioned that some Australians would pretend to be English when alone with non-caucasian immigrants.  Americans are no less popular choice of theirs.  One Australian couple stands out in my memory who constantly addressed people as ‘Hey, you guys’ which is typically American greeting.  They referred to America as ‘States’ as if born American.  The couple detested the Australian colonial classic style and renovated their new apartment in a modern style.  Whatever the latest fad that surfaced in America they had to buy into it.  However, their finance situation suddenly or as was expected, turned south and they ended up selling their apartment only a few years after purchase.  The painter who has been featuring in this blog also ended up selling his newly renovated house as he split up from his wife.  Whatever were the reasons for their divorce, the depression he suffered after the English neighbour, whom he had tried so hard to copy-cat, rebuffed him could not have helped.  The price of copy-catting has been devastating.

To make the matter more confusing was those same copy-cat people would trash the English and Americans in the company of other Australians.  I learnt phrases like ‘whinging Poms’ and ‘Arrogant Yanks’ after I arrived here in  Australia,  though I personally think the English are perfectionist and the Americans are simply proud of their great achievements. .   While it is not my business to speculate on their discreet copy-cat behavior, I cannot help but wonder if it is one of many reasons some Australians vent their frustrations out on immigrants they hardly know and that part becomes my business.  To be continued.






Marble cup cake and Part 5 of the price of copy-catting(マーブルカップケーキと猿真似の代償第五)

marble cupcakeMarble cream is a brilliant solution when you just can’t decide on which flavor you want more.  Some of us face the same dilemma with our own identity.  

Now back to the painter who had a daughter who looked about the same age as his English neighbour’s daughter.  Initially the English gentleman did not allow them to play together, but eventually caved in.  The painter and his wife dressed their daughter in the similar frilly dress as the English girl, which was a disaster.  The English girl was pretty and fragile while the painter’s daughter was peculiarly butch for a girl.  Two of them side by side in the same dress…was the proof that dress does not make a princess.  Their manners could not have been more different.  The English girl would use a fork when eating her sweets, but the painter’s daughter would grab it and stuff her face.  The stereotype of films and novels is ‘the well-bred girls bullying the poor.’  In the real world you see the opposite quite often.  The painter’s butch daughter was bossing the  demure English girl around.  Soon she stopped playing with the bully.  That was about time when the painter’s daughter turned her attention on me. 

One afternoon she bent one finger at me over the fence as if beckoning a dog.  This I forgive her because she was still a child and may have well confused me with the immigrants working for her father.  But her scheming smile was not innocent as I noticed she was holding a bucket full of water.  ‘Come closer, come closer.’  She repeated as she raised the bucket.  I slowly did as I was told and pulled back at the last moment.  The girl lost her balance and splashed herself.  She was furious but could not quite explain the incident to the painter who walked into the backyard a few minutes later.  Instead she pointed a finger at me and yelled.  ‘What is THAT doing here?!’  Not She, but THAT.  The painter said ‘Darling, be nice to the guests in our country.’  The painter had copied the way the English executive neighbor spoke despite him being an Aussie bloke.  Did he use the term ‘Guest’ as in friend?  Or was he implying I should leave?  Judging from his daughter’s attitude raised by the painter, I can imagine what was being said in the privacy of their home.   To be continued

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marble cupcake2



ある午後、娘は私に対して指を曲げて犬を呼び寄せるようなしぐさをしました。子供だから許しますがペンキ屋に雇われていた移民のアルバイトとの差がつかなかったのでしょう。しかし悪巧みを隠す笑顔は純真ではなく、手に水一杯のバケツを持っていました。「こっち、おいで。こっちにおいで」そ~っとバケツを持ち上げています。私もゆっくり言う通りにして土壇場で体をひきました。驚いてバランス崩した娘は自分が水を被る羽目に。怒り狂うものの数分後に帰宅したペンキ屋に説明できないので私を指さし「あれはここで何しているのさ!」あの人でなく「あれ」です。ペンキ屋はおもむろに「我々の国の客人には優しくなさい」と隣人の英国紳士そっくりの口調でのたまるのです、オーストラリアのだらしない成りの親父がです。ペンキ屋が「客人」を「友人」の意味で言ったか、私はいずれ出ていくべきだと言ったのか。彼が育てた娘の言動を見るかぎりペンキ屋が家の中で黄色人種のことを何と話している察しがつくのです。 続く



Crisp Egg wrap for Easter and the part 4 of the price of copy-catting充実な卵餅と猿真似の代償の続き4(和訳は英文の下)

soy milk and egg pancakeHappy Easter to you all.  Eggs symbolizes Easter, so instead of the chocolate versions, why not try Taiwanese Egg crisp wrap for a change?  Complemented with a bowl of soy milk, this is a Taiwanese typical breakfast. It is crisp on outside but spongy on inside, a surprise which is pleasant in food, but not always so in human nature. 

Back to the painter who copy-catted everything about his neighbor, the executive.  I did not mention before that the latter was an English-descendent.  Was he proud of it I have no way of knowing, but our painter and his wife, both unmistakingly Australians wearing tongs (cheap beach sandal) everywhere even to the airport, reacted odd.  Their voice was loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear their conversation.  As the English executive spoke calmly I did not hear him but the painter’s wife was lecturing him that having a kind heart was more important than status or education…as if implying the English or the educated people had no empathy.  However, to her husband’s employees who were mostly immigrants, she spoke condescendingly putting on the air as if she was a graceful English lady.  According to the painter’s wife, if you can set a table for a dinner party as shown in Vogue magazine and throw in the word ‘elegant’ in your conversation, you turn classy.  I wonder if an English lady would walk around her garden in underwear exposing herself to the public eyes, but I have met many Australians who introduced themselves as English to me only to have other Australians jump in to expose the lie.  I have not yet figured out why they do that.

So, back to the well-to-do Eastern Suburb of Sydney.  This painter had a daughter who grew up watching the inconsistent behavior of two parents while being spoiled rotten as the painter was successful in his job and all cashed up.  I still remember her, not because she possessed any outstanding features, but because of the conceited face staring at me over the fence.  To be continued to the part 5. 

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